Hi, I’m Jan Sanewski a filmmaker, photographer, and media informatics graduate based in Belin, Germany.

I have been interested in arts and design as long as I can remember. I attended the Lothar-von-Farber high school in Nuremberg specializing in arts and after a short detour through military service I continued that path and joined the media informatics undergrad program of Harz University. There I developed a wide range of skills including graphic design, 2D animation and 3D animation but we also got instructed in computer science topics such as programming, web developement and project management.
My true passion however lies in filmmaking and photography. In university I took classes and projects with emphasis on these two subjects whenever possible. On top of that I also worked on multiple side projects throughout the past years in order to gain additional experience.

My highlight marked my semester in Los Angeles where I attended California State University Northridge for the Fall semester of 2019 taking photography and film classes exclusively. Here I again took every opportunity in and outside of school to gain more experience. I did regular photo shoots on location or in a studio, addended photographer meetups, an official sony alpha event and shot a fashion show. I tried to challenge myself in many different ways while I had the opportunity.

Back in Germany I started my internship for Berlin’s photographer Thomas Kierok. There I got a new perspective for the work of a photographer and even gained experience in some filmmaking projects.
After the internship I continued to work For Thomas Kierok as his assistant while writing my bachelors thesis on the topic of color grading.

I graduated Harz University in 2022 and am set to seek a carrer in the filmmaking industry.


Jan Sanewski
c/o Ayoubi/Dörr
Bahnhofstraße 12
12555 Berlin

+49 1575 0479276