HALLWAY (2017) 

This short film was my final submission for our film class at Harz University.

For this project the class was divided into groups of 5-6 students. Each studend had control over the production of his own short while the rest of the group filled the remaining roles on the crew. I was responsible for the full pre-production including script, storyboard, location scouting and casting. During the shoot I acted as the director and also operated the camera from time to time. Following that the post-production was all mine again.  I used Avid Media Composer for the editing then went over to Premiere for color correction and added some effects using After Effects. I finished the project by creating a soundtrack combining our own recordings with industrial sound effects and music using Avid Pro Tools.

This beeing my first experience with filmmaking everything was new and mistakes were made but I learned valuable lessons in the progress. Luckily my team consisted of a group of good friends who were very passionate about filmmaking and eager to learn and try stuff out. Our camera was the Sony A7R II and we had a gimbal, a boom mic, and a couple of lights available to us. 


Leonard Grube, Jan-Ole Finkeisen
Jan Sanewski
Erik Fabian Gottschall, Jan-Ole Finkeisen, Jan Sanewski
Leon Höwel
Jan Sanewski
Jan Sanewski