This short film was my final project of our film class at Harz University.
I muted the video because I created the sound composition using copyrighted music and effects.

For this project the class was divided into groups of 5-6 students. Each studend had control over the production of his own short while the rest of the group filled the remaining roles on the crew. That means I was responsible for the full pre-production including script, storyboard, location scouting and casting. During the shoot I mainly directed and took over the camera from time to time and then afterwards the post-production was all mine again. 
This beeing my first experience with filmmaking everything was new and challenging but I learned an incredible amount of lessons in the progress and got used to what it takes to create video. Luckily my team members were all very passionate about filmmaking as well and we pushed ourselves to get the best results possible. The equipment we had available to us consisted of a Sony A7R II, a DJI Ronin M, boom mic and Zoom, some lights and other equipment. We brought everything to the town of one of our team mates and dedicated 2 weeks to shoot all 5 of our short films in a row while living there to be as effecient as possible.

After we had all the footage captured everybody took care of the post-production of their own film. I finished the cut in Avid Media Composer then went over to Adobe Premiere for color grading and added glitch effects and noise as well as the glowing eyes in Adobe After Effects. Finally I created an atmospheric soundtrack by combining our recordings from location with industrial sounds and mixed in some music using Avid Pro Tools.

We had to overcome many obstacles and I made a lot of mistakes but in the end I learned from them and am happy with the result.







Leonard Grube, Jan-Ole Finkeisen

Jan Sanewski

Erik Fabian Gottschall, Jan-Ole Finkeisen, Jan Sanewski

Leon Höwel

Jan Sanewski

Jan Sanewski