Game studio CD Project Red has held a couple of art contests for „Gwent: The Witcher Card Game“ over the years.

I first decided to participate in the March/April 2018 contest but it is this entry for the September/October 2018 contest that ended up having a level of quality that I’m happy with.

The task was to create a poster for the then unreleased Gwent spinoff „Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales“.
Working from the few product pictures and the sparse information about the story that was released at the time, me and my fellow contestants went on to create our versions for a compelling poster capturing the spirit of the game.

I drew the picture in grayscale using Adobe Photoshop starting with a rough sketch in the beginning and working myself to finer and finer detail as i went along.

The last step was adding colour and text to finish everything up.


Before starting to work on the actual piece I made these rough sketches.
The goal was to get a feel for the atmosphere and overall look
while staying very time efficient.
These sketches are ment to only be a guide
as my final poster ended up being a mixture of multiple elements from these ideas