This short film is the final project of our digital video production class at Cal State Northridge.
I muted the music and some sounds because we used copyrighted music and effects.

Just like in my previous film project at Harz University the class was divided into groups of about 6 students. This time the goal was to produce a single short with every team member taking over one role of the production. The course was an introduction into filmmaking which meant my team barely had any experience in the subject while I was able to work on multiple projects since my first short film. Knowing about the challenges and workflow I took over as somewhat of a project manager and was able to give advise to the others when needed. My main task however as director of photography was creating the story board and shot list and then set up and operate the camera as well as the light during filming. My objective was to create the best shots to get our story across and make them as visually appealing as possible.

The biggest difficulty we had during the project was getting everybody on the same schedule. Since we had to produce the film while all of us still had other classes and work to do, it was a nightmare to figure out on what days everybody was free. Then finding actors that were available during those days was even worse. When finally everything was set up the weather disrupted our plans and it started to rain. All of that lead to huge delays and our deadline was coming up.
In order to have something to turn in I joined the post-production and we were able to get the most necessary steps done in time. 

The video above is therefore only a rough cut and I am currently working on a clean final version.








Andrea Oregel, Andy Oregel, Alonso Sanchez

Kate Nguyen

Alyssa Lansang

Jan Sanewski

Jingyi Rao, Jan-Ole Finkeisen

Jennifer Sanchez

Jan Sanewski, Brooke Avila