The design of this character is meant to be only the first step of a big ongoing project. Using these concept sketches I am currently sculpting a 3D version of her which I will follow up by texturing and rigging the model. Finally I want to animate a short video to show of the full character.

The goal is for me to get to know the workflow of a character artist and what it means to create a character for game or film.

Nowadays it is common to tell character driven stories, therefore the goal of character generation is to come up with complex personalities. That includes a detailed back story, a list of personality traits, behaviours and much more.
As a result the character can be thrown into virtually any situation and the story almost unfolds by itself as the author can understand how that character would behave in that given environment.

I kept that aspect to a minimum however as I wanted to focus on the technical aspect of creating the 3D model and wanted to use my time efficiently.

Keeping that in mind I just started off with a general idea and setting and went straight into sketching from there.


I began by sketching ideas and trying different things.
All i wanted to archieve here is to get as many ideas as I can think of to paper
and see what works and what doesn‘t.
While doing so I kept the setting and personality of the character in mind.


In this step I took the sketch I liked most and refined it a little further.
This allows to define smaller details and get a better understanding of what works well.
From there I take the new sketch and create multiple similar versions with small differences only,
 in order to find the best look.


I sketched the character with hair already
but since there may be better solutions I sketched a number of different hairstyles
that i can see the character having.


I chose a selection of my favourite hair sketches and added the
upper body to see how it matches with the clothing. In this case
I decided to keep the original hair.