The design of this character was only the first step of a bigger project. Using these concept sketches I sculpted a 3D version of her that I wanted to texture and rig but I never finished the project.

The goal was for me to get to know the workflow of a character artist and what it means to create a character for game or film.


I began by sketching ideas and trying different things.
All i wanted to archieve here is to get as many ideas as I can think of to paper
and see what works and what doesn‘t.
While doing so I kept the setting and personality of the character in mind.


In this step I took the sketch I liked most and refined it a little further.
This allows to define smaller details and get a better understanding of what works well.
From there I took the new sketch and created multiple similar versions with small differences only,
 in order to find the best look.


I sketched the character with a specific hairstyle already
but since there may be better solutions I wanted to see what she looks
like with different options.


I chose a selection of my favourite hair sketches and added the
upper body to see how it matches with the clothing. In this case
I decided to keep the original hair.